Apartment 960

The young couple was looking for a more current and open home to receive friends. The removal of walls, the large kitchen counter and the versatility of the room make it possible to receive and live with the large family, study, work or just watch TV or play video games. The room received special attention, at the request of the hostess, making it possible to expand the closets and accommodate the couple's other pastimes.

Country house 85

In this country house, the construction of a swimming pool, together with sauna and bathroom, has created a focal point to the valley around the property. A wooden deck unifies a large area for entertainment around the pool. In the house, the neutral palette makes the ambiance elegant and charming, while highlighting the breath-taking view from the Windows.

Apartment 59

Integrate large spaces and maintaining a relaxed and casual atmosphere was the owners' desire. Color was a fundamental element to give personality to all spaces, as well as the main millwork on the living room that occupies a prominent place in giving the feeling of movement to the space. The existence of many windows and the constant presence of natural light made us prefer less textures, which left the environment filled with light.

Apartment 588

In this penthouse, the client wanted to integrate the living area and the kitchen, and take advantage of the terrace, which was only accessible through the bedrooms, for social events. A new layout allowed the creation of an ample social space, with the dining room taking a central role, and two large in-suite bedrooms. Year: 2017, São Paulo

Apartment 95

In this apartment, a large dining table has the prominent place in the living room. The wallpaper helps to integrate the spaces, creating the feeling that the apartment is wider. We opted for discreet and sober finishes, highlighting with straight lines furniture and the contemporaneity look of space.