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Founded by Luca Panhota in 2016, Luca Panhota Arquitetos Associados seeks to offer a complete experience of architecture living. Luca Panhota Arquitetos Associados offers you the knowledge to create the work you want, whether it is in the city, at home, in the office or in your summer house, from concept definition to final project delivery.

Professionals with diverse backgrounds contribute to a customer-friendly approach, always modern, always effective and always visually beautiful.


Luca Panhota


A multifaceted professional with a unique blend of extensive experience in both business and architecture, having worked with many major Brazilian and American companies throughout his 27 years of experience. In the international business community, Luca worked as an interface within corporations to understand and guide change management, mergers and acquisitions and new tendencies.

As an architectural designer, Luca’s experience includes large-scale commercial headquarters projects, as well as works in the hospitality, education and financial services market sectors. Luca returned to Brazil in January 2010 as a conceptual architectural designer, applying his experience to the local market.

He opened and ran an International Architectural Office in São Paulo from 2011 until 2016. He now runs his own firm assuring that his passion for architecture and design is delivered to top international and local clients.

Edmo Chagas


A professional who is both passionate and connected with design trends, Edmo graduated in one of Brazil’s most traditional interior design schools (Panamericana), and improved his knowledge in Italy (Istituto Marangoni). He dedicates himself to serve clients with the development of up-to-date residential and corporate projects.

His interior design experience allows us to offer creative and effective layout, furniture and materials solutions to meet our clients’ needs.




The Amman complex
The Amman complex
The Amman complex
The Amman complex

The Amman complex

The design for the Saraya Headquarters and W Hotel Tower is the product of the integration of the constraints of the triangular site, programmatic requirements, and cultural inspiration, combined to form a richly-layered reflection of Amman’s spirit of place. The mass and textured surfaces of the exterior skin allow the desert sun to transform the building throughout the day, creating an experience that is intrinsically connected with its environment and heritage.


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