Galeria Café SP


Galeria Café São Paulo is a multifunction club whose São Paulo unit was designed by us in collaboration with a group of brand and lighting designers who had previously worked with client. The initial concept had to take into consideration the need for both day (art gallery, restaurant, bazar, and a space for classes) and night (bar/restaurant, nightclub, theater) functions, and we opted for a versatile open space, allowing free flow of people everywhere. As Galeria Café already has one unit in Rio de Janeiro, some key aspects of the Rio’s location had to be present in the São Paulo project, such as its industrial look, a widespread use of metal (corten and weathered steel) and concrete references permeate the space, as well as references to the square brand concept of Galeria Café. In the open space at the front of the club, we opted to bring nature through a green wall, which confronts street art in the opposite wall, bringing a live element to the pulsating energy of the club. The main stair that connects both floors is a work of art, with LED light that are linked to the DJ control area. As the space doubles as an art gallery 24x7, wall exhibiting space is also spread throughout the club. Special attention was given to the 3 bars, which also contrast with the concrete and metal usage, opening up to key areas of the house:  entrance, dance floor and lounge restaurant.